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What Are Warehouse Stackers & How Can They Help You?

Stackers are becoming more and more commonplace in the material handling industry. They’re making a difference in the warehouse, fulfilling the tasks that even forklifts might struggle to handle. But what exactly is a warehouse stacker and how can one of these versatile machines help you with your material handling operations?

What are warehouse stackers?

Warehouse stackers aren’t as heavy-duty as a forklift or a reach truck. They’re rather light-weight in comparison but that doesn’t stop them from being powerful, robust pieces of equipment that no warehouse should be without. A stacker comes with a very similar chassis to a pallet truck only with the addition of a mast and impressive reaching and lowering capabilities. Stackers can be both manually or electrically-powered, much like a pallet truck, making them a highly-attractive option for warehouse owners across the globe. The options available means that there’s a warehouse stacker on offer for everyone, regardless of budget or the size of the premises it’s needed for.

How can a warehouse stacker help you?

A warehouse stacker is both robust and effective when it comes to material handling operations. Regardless of the industry you work in, you’ll be sure to benefit entirely from the implementation of a warehouse stacker, but why else should you invest in such a machine? Charnwood Lift Trucks are on hand to explain.

They have a lower initial investment

Warehouse stackers, whether used or completely brand new, do not carry the same price tag as a forklift, for example. This is another reason why stackers are so popular throughout warehouses these days – they’re the more economical choice. However, it’s important to note that stackers do not have the same capabilities as a forklift, but if you have a modest budget or are only just starting out in the industry, then a warehouse stacker will be the right piece of equipment for you.

Operators don’t need certification to operate it

When operating a forklift, the person behind the wheel will need the right certifications and qualifications to drive one. However, with a warehouse stacker, the operator doesn’t need to be certified. Although they do need to be properly trained to use one, but not to the same extent as a warehouse worker to operate a forklift or another piece of heavy warehouse machinery.

They offer excellent maneuverability

With excellent maneuverability on offer, warehouse stackers are ideal for use in and around a premises with little space available. A large, heavy forklift might not be the best option if you’re lacking space throughout your warehouse, whereas a stacker will be able to perform a number of different tasks with absolute ease, especially when space becomes tight. Specifically designed with a compact chassis and with lifting heights of up to 150 inches, a stacker will make short work of your warehouse operations, whether they be indoors or outside, and all whilst operating as smoothly and as efficiently as possible throughout the entire lifting and transporting process. This means that they can be used with absolute ease even in the narrowest of aisles.

They require very little maintenance

A warehouse stacker has fewer moving parts than a conventional forklift meaning that very little maintenance is required. However, should maintenance be needed for whatever reason, it should be relatively inexpensive to rectify and downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum. This is another reason why implementing a warehouse stacker is a viable choice financially for any warehouse owner.

They allow for increased storage capacity

A stacker, as the name would suggest, stacks stock vertically on a warehouse racking system. Alternatively, goods can be stacked on top of one another using this specific piece of equipment. Implementing racking is an excellent way of increasing your storage capacity, but a warehouse stacker will increase this further. In turn, this will help you to save money as it’ll keep your infrastructure costs as low as possible.

They’re incredibly versatile

Like a forklift, a warehouse stacker can be used to transport goods across long distances. If the stacker is powered, then it’ll also be able to cross rough, loose or uneven terrain, making them perfect for outdoor use as well. This is especially useful if your premises are spread across two different sites. As well as being able to lift stock onto racking, a warehouse stacker will make short work of piling goods onto mezzanine floors and other platforms that aren’t high enough to require the use of a reach truck. You’ll be able to acquire a warehouse stacker with a mast height of up to 5.4 metres, providing you with access to first and even second racking levels and all for an affordable cost. Charnwood Lift Trucks are able to provide warehouse stackers with a variety of capabilities, allowing us to cater for warehouses with even the most modest of budgets or smallest of premises. If, however, you’d prefer a heavier piece of machinery, we’re also able to provide electric forklifts, LPG forklifts, diesel forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers and more. If you’d like more information about how we can help you today, get in touch with a member of our team – we’re always on hand to help.