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Mitsubishi Enhanced Ranges

Mitsubishi is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forklifts and material handling equipment, with a commitment to innovation and quality. When you purchase a Mitsubishi, reliability, durability and confidence come as standard. We offer various ranges of specialist Mitsubishi machines to customers looking for the best material handling equipment for their specific requirements.

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Whether you are looking for a machine that can operate indoors with low emissions or you need more torque for tougher jobs, no matter what your requirements, Charnwood Lift Trucks has the correct Mitsubishi machine for you.

Should you require further information about the products in our enhanced ranges please call us directly on 0116 267 3251 or fill out our contact form.

Choose From 5 Specialist Ranges

In order to get the job done, you need to make sure you have the correct equipment. Charnwood Lift Trucks can supply you with our enhanced model ranges, ensuring you get the correct equipment for your operations.

The GRENDiA range – These are the market leaders in IC engine, counterbalance fork trucks and come with various features as standard. The range of GRENDiA trucks offer impressive reliability, easy maintenance, simple operation and very competitive pricing. The GRENDiA is the operator’s forklift of choice.

The TREXiA range – The TREXiA range of counterbalance fork trucks utilise an IC engine and have been developed with power in mind. The operator has access to exceptional power in this machine via a state of the art drive chain, ideal for all your heavy load handling needs.

The EDiA range – These are electric forklifts at their absolute best. Operators are able to complete each job quickly and efficiently, with total confidence, due to their unrivalled precision and control. Efficient and free of emissions, the EDiA range will fit seamlessly into any environment.

The PREMiA range – This is the ultimate powered pallet truck, designed and developed to operate with maximum uptime and productivity. The PREMiA range is the real backbone of your storage warehouse, with tough construction and low energy consumption they will keep both maintenance and operational costs to a bare minimum.

The SENSiA range – These reach trucks operate exceptionally well in confined spaces, they come with industry-leading controls that have been designed to work ergonomically with your operator’s touch. The SENSiA range of reach and multi-way trucks will make sure that you are always able to manoeuvre loads efficiently and safely.

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