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Charnwood Lift Trucks supply the full range of Mitsubishi PREMiA Powered Pallet Trucks ranging from 1.6 tonnes up to 2.5 tonnes. 

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PREMiA ES is designed to tackle challenging work conditions and environments with ease. This pedestrian powered pallet truck offers a constant high level of performance as well as a wide variety of transfer options. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from a hand pallet truck or for a powered pallet truck to stand the test of time, there is sure to be a PREMiA product for you.

All the PREMiA models offer excellent stability and unrivalled lift heights allowing for safe operation including uneven surfaces. PREMiA’s robust design means operation outside, whatever the weather, is possible due to the protection of chassis and electronics against the elements. With no vulnerable components and low-maintenance requirements, PREMiA powered pallet trucks are designed for maximum uptime and minimal maintenance costs.

Additional versatility is provided by a key switch which allows selection of two different performance modes. A state-of-the-art tiller arm ensures operator’s hands are protected and all controls are within easy reach for optimum safety. The PREMiA PBP20N2R has a foldable platform for optional ride-on use over longer distances and the PBP20N2E has rising forks to facilitate loading and unloading.


Mitsubishi’s PREMiA EM is specially designed to minimise maintenance and withstand demanding conditions. Fully sealed and protected against dust, moisture and knocks, this model provides optimum productivity and minimal downtime. The easy-to-use tiller arm allows for intuitive handling and ultimate safety for the driver as all controls are within easy reach.

PREMiA models are designed to meet different sector’s needs, PBV20N2 is the standard model and PBV25N2 is the heavy duty version. Continuous use spanning longer distances is no problem for the PBF25N2, even with heavy loads, at a maximum speed of 8.5 km/h (optional 12km/h). The PREMiA PBV20N2 on the other hand is perfect for manoeuvring pallets in warehouses and loading/unloading vehicles. In addition to these two models, Mitsubishi also offer the innovative double pallet powered pallet truck, the PBV20ND. Capable of handling two pallets at the same time, this model is great for use with double-deck stacked pallets.



Regenerative braking provides excellent control without unnecessary wear to the brakes.

Automatic parking brake is activated on ramps for extra safety.


Powerful AC drive motor is located above the chassis plate, meaning it is safeguarded against weather conditions.

The powerful sealed motor and Vulkollan drive wheel ensure minimal downtime.

Floating drive unit minimises vibrations, meaning greater comfort for the driver and reduced maintenance needs.

Load wheels with dust shields result in less maintenance and fewer replacements.


A programmable controller adjusts speed, acceleration and braking to suit the driver and application.

On-board fault memory folder and diagnostics make servicing quicker.

Highly efficient electronic system includes waterproof components to maximise reliability, even in wet weather.

Versatile battery compartment is suitable for use with both DIN and BS size batteries with a variety of capacities for the best possible compatibility with equipment and user needs.

Waterproof electrics, a sealed battery compartment and channelling of water splashes prevent corrosion and system failure.

High capacity batteries offer 375Ah as standard, and the PBF25N2 up to 500Ah.


Sturdy forks feature rounded tips for easy pallet entry. gives extra strength and durability.

Unprecedented lift height of 135mm facilitates easy handling on loading docks and ramps, even if pallets are damaged.

The rising forks of the PBP20N2E place the loads at a convenient height (max. 735mm) to minimise physical strain.

The compact duplex mast provides two different lift heights, 1600mm and 2000 mm, with a max. load capacity of 2000kg (1000kg on each fork pair), as well as giving optimum forward visibility. (PBV20ND only)


Closed chassis provides protection against dust and dirt.

Waterproof design means moisture is diverted away from the main electrical components.

A low centre of gravity improves stability, for safe operation.

RapidAccess features enable easy entry to all necessary areas for carrying out maintenance and checks.


Quick lifting and lowering speeds boost productivity.


Creep function and lock bypass of the tiller arm improve control and safety in small spaces.

Innovative design of the crossbar deflects any obstacles away from the driver’s hand and tiller arm, meaning both the machine and operator are protected.

Choose between two different performance modes (PBF25N2 and PBV20N2 models only) using a key switch to enhance safety, productivity and energy efficiency.

Easy controls stop the operator from becoming fatigued and lower the chance of mistakes.

Ergonomic rubber hand grips prevent slipping.

Battery discharge indicator comes as standard to protect the battery and monitor truck usage.

Ground clearance of just 35mm makes it unlikely for feet to get trapped.

Foldable, suspended platform of the PBP20N2R provides optimum comfort for the driver over longer travel.

Ergonomic levers (optional) make lifting and lowering easier, even with gloves.

Multifunctional display flags potential issues to help prevent damage.

Maxius steering wheel and side-on operation of the PBF25N2 ensures all controls are within easy reach and comfort for the operator is optimised.


Compact chassis, turning circle and great visibility result in safe, easy manoeuvring through confined spaces.


Quiet design thanks to rubber-mounted elements, insulated engine hood and sealed wheel arches.

500 hour service interval and extended component lifetime means downtime is kept to a minimum.

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