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Used Diesel Forklifts

Diesel forklifts have the highest torque of all forklifts, meaning heavy loads of up to 16 tonnes can be safely and efficiently manoeuvred, even on steep gradients and across rough terrain. As powerful, high-calibre machines, diesel forklifts can always be relied upon to safely transport considerable loads as effectively and as productively as possible to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly.

Whether you opt for a new or used diesel forklift, you’ll always be able to expect all of our machines to be in immaculate condition every single time, giving you peace of mind that, when choosing Charnwood Lift Trucks, you’ll be provided with equipment that has been expertly crafted to the highest possible standards.

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High-quality refurbished diesel forklifts

At Charnwood Lift Trucks, we have an extensive range of refurbished, second-hand diesel forklifts, all of which have been fully serviced in line with Health and Safety regulations, as such, you can expect your used diesel forklift to come supplied with a Thorough Examination Certificate* and LOLER certification, where applicable, for your absolute peace of mind.

You’ll be able to choose from our wide range of used diesel forklifts, all available from a number of leading manufacturers in the material handling industry, so you’ll be able to find a refurbished diesel forklift that’ll perfectly meet both your requirements and your budget.

Whether you’d like a partially refurbished forklift or a fully refurbished machine, you’ll be able to purchase high-quality material handling equipment that’ll improve the productivity and efficiency of your workplace, all for a reasonable price at Charnwood Lift Trucks. With a knowledgeable team on hand to help, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs in order to provide you with the best possible solution.

If you are looking for a particular model that isn’t listed on our stock pages, then we might be able to source one for you through our industry contacts, so please let us know as soon as possible if you’d like to utilise this convenient service. We’ll always endeavour to meet your requirements and expectations in order to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

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If you would like to discuss any of our used diesel forklifts please contact our experts, we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.
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The Ultimate Machines

Thanks to its significant level of power, high-durability and impressive torque, used diesel forklifts provide the ultimate solution to all of your material handling needs. Whether you need to lift large amounts of stock over loose terrain or a heavy load up a steep gradient, our extensive selection of refurbished diesel forklifts will get the job done.

The second-hand diesel forklifts we’re able to provide also come with a number a variable features, such as:

  • A generous choice of lift heights.
  • A number of load capacities Several fork lengths to choose from.

No matter what it is you need, our professional team here at Charnwood Lift Trucks will be able to provide you with robust, used diesel forklifts that’ll effortlessly suit your needs, budget and overall expectations. For all of your material handling needs, you’ll always be able to count on us.

For more information about the used diesel forklifts we’re able to supply, or if you’d prefer the luxury of a brand new diesel forklift, you’ll be able to discuss all of your options with a member of our expert team, simply get in touch at a time that’s right for you – Charnwood Lift Trucks are proud to serve customers throughout the United Kingdom.