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Aisle-Master Articulated VNA Forklifts

Here at Charnwood Lift Trucks we are immensely proud to be able to supply you with the complete range of brand new Aisle-Master, articulated VNA trucks, available in both LP Gas and Electric models. We discuss your requirements to gain an understanding of how the forklift is to be used and work alongside you to determine which VNA forklift would best fit your requirements. We also provide servicing and maintenance of your machine so your fleet is operating at peak efficiency. We have a range of options available should you wish to outright purchase, contract rent, short term hire or lease purchase your machine.

Our Equipment

Along with our brand new equipment we also have a wide range of Used Forklifts, click here to view the used Aisle-Master articulated VNA forklifts we have in stock.

Should you require further information about the Aisle-Master VNA forklift range please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team directly on 0116 267 3251 or complete our enquiry form.

New Electric and LPG Articulated VNA Forklifts

The Aisle-Master range of Articulated VNA Forklifts deliver high performance with easy handling whilst operating within confined spaces and narrow warehouse aisles. At Charnwood we are able to supply your business with both LP Gas and Electric Articulated Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts. These machines offer unrivalled manoeuvrability and are capable of operating in aisles as narrow as 1600mm, reducing the requirement for additional machinery and improving productivity.

Cold Store Option Available On All VNA Trucks

If you require a forklift that can operate within a cold storage environment then the Aisle-Master Articulated VNA Trucks may be a perfect fit for your requirements. If space saving is vital for temperature controlled and cold store environments, having the correct machinery to compliment your operation and help further reduce expenses is essential.

Unprecedented Manoeuvrability

If you are struggling for space within your warehouse, an Articulated VNA Forklift from Aisle Master may be the solution you are looking for. With their ability to operate in narrow and confined spaces, there is no need to relocate your business or extend your warehouse facility to improve storage capacity. With an Articulated VNA forklift you are able to reduce the width of your racking aisles to as little as 1600mm, allowing you to create additional aisles within the same square footage of your warehouse.

Should you require further information about the Aisle-Master Articulated VNA Forklift range please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team directly on 0116 267 3251 or complete an enquiry form.

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If you would like to discuss any of our new equipment please contact our experts, we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.
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