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With instinctive steering, complete visibility and intuitive controls, EDiA gives you complete confidence. Every single feature of the EDiA electric truck is designed to let operators focus on precise and safe handling of the forklift and load being transported. EDiA trucks are low maintenance, efficient and reliable. Independent tests, conducted over 25 years have shown ‘driveability’ to be the most important factor when it comes to productivity using forklifts.


Mitsubishi’s EDiA EM is famous for being easy to drive. Designers have ensured that all movements feel natural so that there are no distractions for the driver. It is a high-performance piece of equipment that is robustly built, whilst remaining agile. The four-wheel models are robust and sturdy, while the 3-wheel trucks are perfect for more agile tasks.


EDiA EX combines quality, effective design with smooth and intuitive control to make a top-class forklift. With outstanding load capacities and lift heights up to 7 metres, this is a powerful, yet agile truck thanks to the +100 degree rear axle steering and dual drive motors.

All features, from the expertly angled counterweight to the single-spoke steering wheel, optimise the driver’s view. EDiA relies on simple yet highly effective forklift design. The EDiA perform well in a range of different environments, thanks to its IPX4 waterproof rating, sealed brakes and zero-emissions. This allows work in hygienic environments (integral brakes eliminate brake dust from escaping). Arguably the most significant advantage of the EDiA EX is the comfortable drive.


Key Features


Wet disc brakes require practically no maintenance and are sealed to IP54 standard, meaning that EDiA trucks are protected in dirty or wet areas and are also suitable for use in food production environments.

EDiA’s parking brake is electronically activated at the touch of a button and automatically applied if the operator gets up from the seat.

Automatic hill hold applies the brakes when the accelerator is released whilst on gradients.


Optional Pitching Control System (PCS) senses when you are travelling on uneven ground and automatically smooths the truck’s motion, stabilising the load.

Smooth starting and stopping is provided thanks to the Sensitive Drive System (SDS). This also increases the agility of the truck and allows it to adapt to foot movement speed.

Sophisticated curve control detects turning angles and reduces the speed sooner to ensure the truck maintains stability and accuracy when turning corners.

ECO mode allows optimum energy efficiency.

PRO mode expands performance parameters to give complete control for experienced drivers.

Custom settings can be adjusted by service engineers to adapt the truck to any application.


Five different performance pre-sets ranging from low energy to high performance.

Diagnostic checks can be carried out by connecting EDiA trucks directly to a laptop, enabling service engineers to quickly run diagnostics. Diagnostic checks

Mitsubishi’s Integrate Presence System 2 (IPS2) means that any movement of the truck or mast is prevented if the driver is not in the seat.

Batteries can be changed quickly and easily thanks to sideways battery exchange function which has slide-rollers integrated into the chassis.

High performance LED work lights can be selected when building your truck.

Reduced need for repair and maintenance thanks to sealed connectors.


EDiA’s low centre of gravity gives driver confidence and has fantastic residual capacity


EDiA’s command software intuitively and smoothly manages the variable speed of all hydraulic functions.

Mitsubishi’s hydraulic 11.5kW motor can withstand intensive use even in extremely demanding applications.


Clear-view mast offers fantastic visibility and confident handling.


ErgoCentric cab is spacious and practical; everything is within easy reach, easy entry and exit, optimum comfort and great visibility.

FeatherTouch steering gives increased driving confidence. This is enabled through a small and easy-to-turn wheel with intelligent digital processing.

Bright and clear multifunctional colour display (even visible in direct sunlight) features a battery discharge meter, speedometer, performance mode information and more.

Ergonomic levers allow for smooth, variable speed control.

ErgoCentric fingertip control option makes the truck comfortable and easy to operate.

Low noise emission design makes noise levels very quiet for the operator – under 67 dB(A).

VersaCab range of cabins includes the award-winning and unique ‘Hi-Viz” clear composite front roof, front and back glass windows and steel doors.

Adjustable seat and steering wheel allows drivers to tailor their seating position for optimum comfort.

Extra large entry step makes entering and exiting the truck easy and safe, in all weather and footwear.


Safe turning is controlled by the Controlled Cornering System (CCS) which intuitively reduces the maximum travel speed, depending on the steering angle.

Rear axle steers through 100° for agility in tight spaces, while the dual drive motors allow smooth, on-the-spot turning.


Fewer service visits are required thanks to EDiA’s design and quality.

The IPX4 standard waterproof chassis ensures this machine is suitable for use in all weather conditions.

RapidAccess features such as its quick-release floor plate and wide-opening battery cover enable quick services resulting in minimum downtime.

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