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Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine floors are the ideal solution if you’re looking to expand work space without having to move premises. At Charnwood Lift Trucks we work with some of the top mezzanine floor installation companies across Britain to help increase your warehouse capacity.

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Mezzanine floors offer the potential to triple your current floor space with minimal disruption to operation. Construction of a mezzanine floor means that it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture, since there is the ability to move and expand as your business does. Our partner companies provide an extensive site survey along with detailed sketches of the proposed structure to help you visualise and adjust the layout. In addition to providing complete fire protection, our partners also offer a range of design features and accessories to suit your business needs.

With a mezzanine floor your work space can be maximised without excessive build or relocation costs. Suitable for a variety of buildings and business types, mezzanines can be constructed anywhere, in workshops, warehouses, offices or retail spaces. Whether you require an increased sales floor or extra storage for stock, a mezzanine floor could provide the perfect solution. Optional extras allow you to tailor your new space with access walkways, bridges, stairs, company colour schemes, maintenance support platforms and pallet gates. Whether you have a large warehouse or refined shop floor, our partners have a wide range of materials available to suit your company’s requirements.

Depending on the height of your building, a multi-tiered mezzanine may be an option to capitalise on available space. Our partners can even install a free standing goods lift to fit your structure. If you require a mezzanine to store palletised goods, we can work with our partners to provide you with machinery, such as pallet trucks or forklifts, to aid the smooth flow of goods throughout your warehouse, on all levels.

If you’d like to discuss your options and arrange a site survey, call us on 0116 267 3251 or complete an enquiry form.

Mezzanine Flooring
Mezzanine Flooring

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