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Designed specifically to ensure maximum productivity, GRENDiA sets a new high in standards of IC engine counterbalance forklifts. Not only are they incredible value for money but they’re the only forklift in the industry to include a number of advanced features (listed below).

The name GRENDiA derives from ‘Green Diamond’, a reflection of the machine’s dedication to environmental protection, coupled with high quality service. The GRENDiA simultaneously combines high efficiency with low emissions and noise levels. Its durable components ensure that forklift costs remain as low as possible, thanks to minimum downtime.

In addition to unbeatable value, this forklift considers the needs of the operator by prioritising comfort as well as precision, making it the ideal forklift for any operation. At Charnwood Lift Trucks, we offer the entire range of Mitsubishi GRENDiA IC Engine Counterbalance Forklift Trucks from 1.5 to 5.5 tonnes.

If you would like further help in deciding which of the GRENDiA products is right for you or for information on our other products, please contact a member of our team on 0116 267 3251 or complete our contact form.

Key Features

Angle-sensitive steering system enables fast turning at lower speeds and precision control at higher speeds.

Complete hydrostatic steering assists the operator, making their experience effortless whilst maintaining high precision.

Rugged rear axle assembly to increase durability.


Onboard diagnostics to help identify issues and alert service engineers to potential problems.

LED lights to increase visibility and avoid accidents.

PIN code start-up with driver-specific settings to prevent inappropriate usage.

Operator identification system to prevent unauthorised use.

IPS (Integrated Presence System) to improve safety by preventing truck movement, if an operator isn’t seated, as well as a seatbelt warning light and parking brake alarm.


High power hydraulic system to provide high residual capacities for easy handling of large loadsacities for comfortable handling of heavier loads.


All-round visibility and ergonomic design to increase comfort and precision whilst reducing fatigue.

Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers provide ease of control for mast operations.

LCD Informative meter panel displays speed, clock and warns of potential faults on the machine.

Fully adjustable suspension seat complete with hip restraints and safety belt providing optimum driver comfort.

Automotive-style pedals enable easy operation without leg strain.

Adjustable steering column with memory function to guarantee comfort whilst driving.

Low noise level to increase driver comfort and prevent fatigue.

Market-leading ErgoCentric design to maximise precision and productivity levels.


Heavy-duty clear-view mast increased vision of forks and tips to prevent damage.


Fully hydrostatic drum brakes improve operator control and ease of maintenance.

Electronically controlled parking brake allows effective immobilisation of the vehicle.


Advanced speed control as standard to restrict speed but retain power for ramps.

Three-way catalytic converter reduces emissions to an unrivalled industry standard.

Engine management controller allows simultaneous multiple engine functions.

Floating powertrain with dual-speed forward and single speed reverse.

Durable large diameter drive axle shafts minimise maintenance costs.


Full belly guard protects engine from any foreign objects which could cause damage.

Compact design reduces aisle dimensions and costs whilst increasing productivity and storage capacity.

Robust construction provides stability and protection.


Rapid access features allow ease of entry to all areas of the machine for servicing and checks.

Sealed wheel arches reduce the amount of dust emitted during usage.

Belly Seal helps protect against potentially damaging debris.

Optimal air filter minimises cartridge replacement.

Long service intervals and quality components reduce costs and downtime.

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