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Forklifts In Peterborough

We have a variety of warehouse equipment, including new and used forklift trucks available to businesses throughout Peterborough. Whether you’re looking to purchase machinery or hire equipment, we’ll have the most effective solution to suit your budget and requirements. Whether you’d like to add to an existing fleet of forklifts or need to hire a reach truck for the day, you can always count on us to deliver.

Used Forklifts in Peterborough

Here at Charnwood Lift Trucks we’re proud to provide new and used forklift trucks to customers in Peterborough. Whether you’d prefer the luxury of a brand new, high-quality machine or a reliable, cost-effective, used forklift, we’ll have an option to suit every need and budget, all made to the highest possible standards for your peace of mind.

The new and used forklift trucks we have available in Peterborough have all been manufactured by some of the most renowned names in the industry, including:

Warehouse Equipment in Peterborough

We’re able to supply customers throughout Peterborough with an impressive range of warehouse equipment to help improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. We’re able to meet your requirements, no matter how big or small your budget may be.

You can rest assured that, whether you opt for new or used equipment, you’ll be provided with high-calibre machinery to suit your needs. As Mitsubishi partners, we pride ourselves on providing equipment made to the highest possible standards, all quality and safety checked for your peace of mind.

With a team of specialist, knowledgeable engineers at the helm of what we do, Charnwood Lift Trucks have won a series of awards for quality and management, together with several ‘Mitsubishi Gold Dealer Awards’, so you’ll always be able to count on us to supply robust, reliable equipment and exceptional customer service.

As well as new and used forklift trucks in Peterborough, we can also provide:

Equipment Available for Hire in Peterborough

Charnwood Lift Trucks are proud to offer a wide selection of warehouse equipment available to hire to ensure your warehouse operations run as smoothly as possible, no matter how small your budget is or how much space you have. From pallet trucks to forklifts, we’ll have you covered with an extensive collection of machinery to choose from.

Benefits of hiring warehouse equipment

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For further details about the warehouse equipment, including new and used forklift trucks, we offer throughout Peterborough, get in touch with a member of our specialist team - we provide unrivalled customer service every single time, so you can be sure that you’ll receive the right equipment for your business needs.
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