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Free Standing Goods Lifts

If you need to move awkward or heavy goods between floors of your warehouse which can’t be easily transported up and down stairs, then a free standing goods lift could be the answer. Charnwood works with top UK goods lift companies who can install lifts to suit your needs and aid the smooth flow of goods through your warehouse. Special building works and planning permission usually aren’t an issue with the self-contained goods lifts from our partners. Freestanding goods lifts are very adaptable and flexible so are able to connect floors in a variety of different buildings. For more information about warehouse services from Charnwood Lift Truck Services, call us on 0116 267 3251 or complete an enquiry form.

Whatever the requirements of your operation, free standing goods lifts from our partners can be installed in almost any warehouse with speed and ease. The structure is securely bolted to the floor, meaning there is no need for a lift pit or well. No machine room is required either, thanks to the self-contained design of these lifts. Goods lifts can even be installed with mezzanine floors and can also lift loads between several floors (depending on the height of the building and the weight being transported). Lifts can be tailored to suit your individual needs with additional options of installing gates or handrails and whether you’d prefer for the lift to be operated from inside with buttons or on each level with a control panel.

Another advantage of our partners’ goods lifts is that they only take up the minimum space required in your warehouse, leaving more space for operation and storage. Freestanding goods lifts can be useful in a range of different commercial environments including factories, warehouses and multi-level shops. Lifts can be loaded and unloaded using powered pallet trucks, hand pallet trucks and trolleys. A goods lift in your warehouse can dramatically increase productivity and cut costs by reducing manual handling time, eliminating the need to spend money on special equipment for lifting goods throughout your warehouse.

The lift can be controlled in different ways depending on what you would prefer. If it is purely a goods lift, then a control panel on the outside can be used, with simple button controls. Alternatively, you might want to choose a lift that can also carry a passenger alongside the goods, in which case the control panel is located on the inside. 

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Goods Lifts

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