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Can I Increase the Lift of My Forklift?

The lift capacity of your forklift can be increased, but only if it’s done appropriately and safely. If you do this, then you’ll be sure to indirectly optimise the lifting capacity of your vehicle, whether it’s a new forklift or a used forklift. By doing the following things, you’ll be able to mitigate wear and tear on your machine, as well as increasing the lift of your forklift truck.

Train your staff appropriately

An order picker is designed specifically to raise the operator up to the right rack level, often to a considerably high level. The warehouse employee will stand on the order picker platform which will then move up with both the mast and the forks. Your employees will be able to reach warehouse shelves towering up to 36 feet high, making no job too big or too small for a team with a fleet of order pickers at their disposal. Not only does this make retrieving items easier, but it also makes operations run far more smoothly, efficiently and quickly. In turn, this will make short work of order fulfillment tasks, meaning your customers will receive the right items within a relatively short time frame – a major selling point now that online shopping has boomed. However, order pickers, as the name would suggest, are only really used for picking items, boxes and cases from tall racking and bringing them back down to ground level for packaging and distribution. Order pickers are not used for loading or unloading pallets of stock.

Ensure the forklift battery is well-maintained

The battery is the heart of a forklift truck and so it’s imperative that this part of the machine is well-looked after. The correct forklift battery maintenance will help to prolong the life of your forklift as well as keep it as powerful and as robust as possible, enabling exceptional lifting capacities and abilities. Here’s how you can maintain your forklift battery:

  • Charging it only when the battery discharges
  • Not over-charging the forklift battery
  • Keeping battery fluids topped up
  • Ensuring the battery is clean
  • Charging the battery is a dry place

We recently published an article about how to prolong the life of your forklift battery – you’ll be able to get further information about forklift battery maintenance and its overall lifespan.

Keep your facility clean & tidy

Ensuring that your facility is free from debris, spillages and other issues will help to prolong the life of your forklift and keep it in good condition. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximise the lifting capacity of your forklift. Keeping your premises clean and tidy is just as important as maintaining your forklift battery.

If your warehouse is littered with trip hazards and puddles, for example, then this could cause significant wear and tear on the machine, but it might also result in workplace accidents. A particular obstacle could significantly damage your machine or, more importantly, injure one of your colleagues.

Make sure you get an oil change

Much like you would with a car, getting an oil change for your forklift will help to retain its overall power and robustness. It’s usually recommended that this be done once a year in order to keep the forklift in good working condition which, in turn, will ensure maximum or even increased lifting capacity. An oil change will also prevent your vehicle from corroding overtime, which could prove to be fatal for your machine if left untreated.

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