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What Are the Benefits of Long-Term Forklift Hire?

If you’re debating whether you should rent or buy a forklift to enhance your warehouse operations, then you definitely aren’t alone. Purchasing a forklift, or even a fleet of them, might seem like the most logical solution, but long-term forklift hire is on the rise, and for good reason. There are a number of benefits associated with renting a forklift for the long term and we’re on hand to detail these for you.

Benefits of long-term forklift hire

Many warehouse owners remain somewhat unaware of exactly how long-term forklift hire can benefit their business. In addition to improving efficiency and productivity throughout your warehouse, whether you rent one forklift or an entire fleet of machines, there are a fair number of ways in which the implementation of a forklift, using long-term rental contracts, can help your business, and they’re outlined below for you.

It’s a cost-effective option

Long-term forklift rentals are considerably more affordable than purchasing brand new equipment outright. You’ll be able to invest the cash you’ve saved, allowing you to finance other parts of your business, such as employee’s wages and energy bills.

You’ll also have peace of mind that the money you spend renting a forklift will ensure you’re given high-calibre, modern equipment; something that isn’t guaranteed if you only have the funds to purchase a second-hand machine. If you buy a used forklift from the wrong company, you could end up with a money pit as opposed to a reliable, robust machine that’ll stand the test of time.

If you buy a forklift truck outright, then you’ll also be responsible for the maintenance of it and that includes any repairs that might need to be made. The older the machine gets, the more frequent the maintenance needs to become and that could be quite an expensive activity over time. So much so, you might well end up spending more on the purchase and maintenance of a forklift than on your entire long-term forklift rental contract.

You won’t have to worry about maintaining your machine

Touching on the last point made, if you rent a forklift then you won’t have to worry about spending money maintaining the machine. Long-term hire contracts will normally include the use and maintenance of your rented forklift, so you won’t have to worry about spending money repairing the vehicle or replacing worn out or broken down parts. Simply give your forklift provider a call and they’ll come out and repair the forklift or give you a replacement one free of charge.

It can prove to be a flexible arrangement

Despite it being a long-term contract, your forklift company will be able to be as flexible as possible in order to meet your needs. If need be, you’ll be able to elongate your forklift rental, often for a small, extra charge.

In addition to that, once you’re finished with your machine, your forklift provider will be able to come to your premises and pick up your forklift in a timely and efficient manner. This way, you won’t have to worry about a large, heavy piece of equipment taking up valuable space in your warehouse.

A flexible forklift hire contract often means that your busiest periods can be helped along with the implementation of extra forklifts, or if they’ll only be needed once or twice a year. This will cover you over Christmas, Black Friday or even Valentine’s Day, for example.

Perfectly tailor your equipment to your operations

This will allow you to hire a small forklift for a few months and a larger one for remaining time, or vice-a-versa. This is normally something that a fair few forklift rental companies will offer in order to perfectly suit both your budget and your requirements.

This will enable you to effortlessly tailor your forklift hire contract to your applications. Ask your forklift provider for more information because they’ll always endeavour to provide the best possible service every single time.

Your Business will be able to budget accurately on a monthly basis

Depending on when you have to pay for your forklift rental, you’ll be able to budget and make plans financially in accordance with that. Often, the price will remain the same month-on-month, if it’s detailed in your forklift rental contract.

If this isn’t outlined in your contract, then make sure you ask your forklift provider when you’ll be expected to pay and whether you can arrange a regular, monthly or quarterly payment. This will help you to budget more effectively, so ensure you get this clarification before signing on the dotted line.

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